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When you come to Square Deal Machining, Inc. with tubing requests, you can trust that our services will exceed all your project requirements. For more than sixty years, our efficient processes and our team of talented engineers have established SDMI as a leading provider of tubing services to clients nationwide.

Equipped with a high-tech facility, cutting-edge technology and decades of experience, SDMI is here to offer you world-class tubing services that are continuously refined to ensure efficiency and the latest industry best practices – at a fair price.

From cut tubing, to tubing metal fabrication and far beyond, we are capable of providing the best-in-industry tubing services to clients in nearly every industry, completing each job in-house and delivering high-quality results. Explore our tubing services and find out how Square Deal Machining Inc. can bring your project from concept to finished product.

Work with SDMI for all of Your Tubing Needs

Do you have an upcoming project or design that requires expert tubing services? Contact us to submit a request for a project quote.

Square Deal Machining Inc. Tubing Services