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OEM Heavy Equipment

Square Deal Machining, Inc. services the transportation as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for various heavy equipment products sold by multiple machining and manufacturing companies nationwide. These products are necessary in major transportation projects, including trucking, rail and much more. We are the OEM heavy equipment producer that will deliver top-notch, dependable products and reliable solutions to the automotive, rail, heavy truck, shipping and aviation industry sectors.

Find out how Square Deal Machining, Inc. can fulfill your OEM heaving equipment needs, and get you moving on your next transportation project.

Looking to Partner With a Leading OEM Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Provider? Square Deal Machining Inc. is the one for you.

Learn more about how partnering with SDMI on your next OEM Heavy Equipment related manufacturing project can benefit your organization by calling (607) 849-3502 or click here to visit our online RFQ form if you have an upcoming project you’d like us to quote.

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