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Robotic Welding

When you’re in need of welding services, it’s likely that quality, accuracy and affordability are high on your priority list. When these standards are not only a desire, but a necessity, robotic welding is the ideal solution. That’s where we come in — Square Deal Machining Inc. is a leading provider of high precision robotic welding.
The advantages to working with SDMI for your project’s robotic welding needs are plentiful, including:

  • More Customization – Our fleet of robotic welding stations can weld on up to five axes, allowing more customizable options for our customers.
  • Flawless Repeatability – With our state of the art robotic welding technology, we can offer high levels of repeatability in the fabrication process that leads to dramatically shorter lead times for projects with high volume.
  • Increased Consistency – Our long-run robotic welding provides accurately formed and cut parts.
  • Greater Accuracy – Our full CAD/CAM capabilities enable our AWS-certified welding team to provide extremely accurate robotic welds at tight tolerances.

The foundation of our company is fabrication and welding services. Our state-of-the-art facility, technology and our continued commitment to excellence have allowed us to broaden our service catalog and client pool over the years. SDMI’s robotic welding technology, combined with our highly trained, ASW-certified operators allows your project to excel with fast lead times and unmatched quality control that you simply cannot obtain elsewhere.

Work with SDMI for all of Your Robotic Welding Needs

Do you have an upcoming project or design that requires expert robotic welding services? Contact us to submit a request for a project quote.

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