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Medical Device

Behind the countless medical devices Square Deal Machining, Inc. has manufactured is a knowledgeable, responsive team that believes quality is a matter of pride, as well as metrics. We fully share our health care customers’ viewpoint: when lives depend upon it, nothing but a complete commitment to excellence will suffice.

We have a sterling reputation for meeting and exceeding strict requirements for highly complex medical device manufacturing. We bring reliability to our medical device customers – a necessity they can’t live without.

Contact Square Deal Machining, Inc. for your medical device needs and we’ll deliver first-class, innovative products you, and the lives of those who depend on you, can trust.

Looking for a Leading Medical Device Products Manufacturer? Look no further than Square Deal Machining Inc.

Learn more about how partnering with SDMI on your next medical device component related manufacturing project can benefit your organization by calling (607) 849-3502 or click here to visit our online RFQ form if you have an upcoming project you’d like us to quote.

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