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Military Defense

Manufacturing products for military defense projects is a job so important that it should only be placed in the most capable hands. Over the years, Square Deal Machining, Inc. has been trusted with a variety of United States military defense projects. We are proud to support our country’s Armed Forces, as well as the Department of Defense, in their worldwide endeavors.

SDMI has been servicing the military defense industry for decades, providing specialized products and services for mission-critical equipment. Lengthy development cycles and high qualification costs require defense departments to work exclusively with partners they can depend on to be efficient, reliable and cost-effective – all of which are qualities that SDMI can boast of.

SDMI’s ISO 9000 certified plants globally support various Tier 1, 2, and 3 providers with a wide variety of tactical solutions.

Looking for a Leading Military Defense Manufacturing Partner? Look no further than Square Deal Machining Inc.

Learn more about how partnering with SDMI on your next military defense manufacturing project can benefit your organization by calling (607) 849-3502 or click here to visit our online RFQ form if you have an upcoming project you’d like us to quote.

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