Square Deal Assembly Services

Light Assembly

Square Deal Machining, Inc. has a dedicated, in-house assembly area with fully equipped workflow stations to tackle our clients’ light assembly needs. All assembly stations have an assortment of tools to perform various assembly and subassembly operations. All our assembly managers are highly trained and fully certified, adhering to strict work instructions for light assembly processes.

The light assembly process at SDMI allows us to ensure that your product is assembled with consistent high quality standards and ensures your products perform as efficiently as possible. Depending on the products’ application, we utilize manual or automated procedures to create a product ready for final assembly or direct delivery.

From the earliest phase of a project to the final touches, the engineers, assembly managers and inspectors at Square Deal Machining, Inc. work in harmony to ensure usability and functionality are utilized and preserved throughout each step of the process. We know a project isn’t complete until the assembly is – let SDMI help you see it through.

Work with SDMI for all of Your Light Assembly Needs

Do you have an upcoming project or design that requires expert light assembly services? Contact us to submit a request for a project quote.

Square Deal Machining Inc. Assembly Services