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TIG Welding

When you have a project in need of TIG welding services, you’ll probably find yourself looking for a reputable welding company, able to deliver the quality and accuracy that this technical, precise process requires. That’s where Square Deal Machining Inc. comes in. With our expert team and state-of-the-art processes, we’ve become a leading TIG welding provider that our clients can consistently depend on.

The specially-designed SDMI welding center is always being audited to apply the latest technology and updated techniques in this specific gas welding process, allowing our ASW-certified team to efficiently and expertly perform the best possible TIG welds and delivering our clients the best possible results.

The company began more than six decades ago with a small team, performing fabrication and welding services for a few clients. Since then, Square Deal Machining Inc. has expanded to a national level through our dedication to delivering the best, most innovative, precise TIG welding services possible, as well as a variety of other welding and fabrication services. Let us handle your TIG welding needs, taking your project to the next level and delivering a level of performance that is exclusive to SDMI.

Work with SDMI for all of Your TIG Welding Needs

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