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Square Deal Machining, Inc. is a national leader in computer numerical control machining, with a sterling reputation for providing clients with high-quality, cutting-edge CNC machined components through our first-class CNC machining services.

SDMI’s elite status in the CNC machining service field, as well as the size of our cutting-edge operation, allows us to commonly hold tolerances of +/-.0001 or less. We are also capable of machining with unique alloys that most other CNC machinists won’t work with. Our CNC machining processes deliver an unmatched level of precision, consistency and quality.

Have a demanding production requirement? Those are easily met at SDMI through the utilization of two fully trained shifts and over 50 CNC machines. Many of our CNC machines have multi-pallet extensions that assist in reducing changeover time, while also providing a greater level of options and satisfaction for our customers – our ultimate goal.

Work with SDMI for all of Your CNC Machining Needs

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