Square Deal Machining has ordered three new laser cutting systems.

Selecting AMADA America as the supplier for the three additions.

  1. The Amada LC 4020 F1 NT.   Equipped with a 6KW Laser has capabilities for processing sheet sizes up to 80” x 160”.
  1. Two Amada LC 3015 F1 NT lasers were included in this purchase. The 3015’s will come equipped with 4KW Lasers.

These three additions will complement our AMADA 4KW already in operation, which has proven itself to be a very capable and reliable machine. The three new AMADA Lasers will increase throughput, and improve product quality, and provides Square Deal with increased capabilities to process the ever widening variety of materials required of their customers. All style machines Are network capable.

Timing for installation of the three lasers is scheduled early March 2014 for the 6KW with the two 4KW’s to follow in June.