Square Deal Machining Inc. (SDMI) announced the completion of plant improvements across their 4 Central NY locations.  Improvements include lighting upgrades in manufacturing facilities, a transition to bulk gas storage, and a new overhead crane installation to allow for an increase in manufacturing capabilities and faster turnaround times for their customers.

“We’re excited to have implemented these changes” said William McGovern, who acted as overseer of the upgrades, “At SDMI we’re constantly looking to improve our manufacturing processes across all of our facilities and this phase has provided for a safer, more productive work environment at all of our locations.”

In addition to providing improvements in safety for their employees, the upgrades also play into SDMI’s growing green initiative by saving thousands of dollars each year in energy costs after implementing energy efficient lighting systems.  “We’re in an industry that isn’t typically thought of as being “Green” and having always been a leader in the manufacturing and fabrication sector, we thought it’d be good for us to set an example in our industry” said William.

In moving forward, SDMI has plans for continued improvements at each of their facilities and will stay strong in their efforts to improve efficiency.